Spirit Xplosion - Mission Statement
"Our mission is to provide a safe and state of the art training environment that enables all members the possibility of reaching their highest potential while never compromising our values. Our focus is to build champions in the sport of competitive cheerleading and in life by fostering the values of teamwork, self-confidence, a competitive spirit, leadership, respect for others, fair play, good sportsmanship, humility, integrity, self-discipline and strong personal character."


We are excited to have the following Full Seasons Teams for the 2019-2020 Season!!!




BB's Tiny Novice Level 1- Exhibition Lendele, Ella 
Flares Tiny Novice Level 1- Exhibition  Julia, Mackenzie, Alliegh
X-Force Mini Prep Level 1.1 Julia, Mackenzie, Alliegh
Bullets Mini Prep Level 1.1  Ashley, Katie, Lilly
Blaze Youth Prep Level 1.1  Ashton, Katie, Lilly
Sparks Junior Prep Level 1.1  Julia, Mackenzie, Alliegh
Burst Youth Level 1 Joseph, Ashton, Cheyenne
Ignite Junior Level 1 Julia, Brandon, Joseph 
Ballistic Senior Level 1 Cheyenne. Maurice, Ashley
Bombshells Youth Level 2 Joseph, Ashton, Ed
Blitz Senior Level 2 Ed, Cheyenne, Ashley
Black Ops International Junior Level 3 Nicky, Maurice, Cheyenne
T-N-T Senior Level 3 Brandon, Joseph
Bomb Squad International Junior Level 4  Joseph, Nicky, Maurice 



For more information on our Full Season Teams, email: Joseph@spiritprofessionals.com 

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